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Here I go again
Bringin you my flow again
Daddyflirt the light
Ignite the people make em glow again
Givin you sum mo again
Bearing all my soul again
The mission to inspire
Tryin to take over the show again
I could use the dividends
But mostly I just want some friends
Folks that wanna make a difference
In this crazy world we’re in
So I’m going all in
Don’t care about who I offend
Because the crazy will not end
Unless we know to change within
I guess that’s what I’m peddlin
Just wanna be a good man
Don’t want to wait for Heaven then
Help me create the promised land

Music is one of the biggest influencers in our lives, so why can’t we have good music that makes us smarter? Why not a hit song that feeds our inner divinity? Why don’t we get music that’s good for the soul? And why do we buy music that isn’t?

I am looking for people who want to escape the negative programming. Join me and let’s make a station that bangs just as hard as those other ones, but is good for you, too.

Flirt's Choice

Mango (Feat. Adeline & Masego) – Kamauu

Neo soul groove laced with jazz style vocals and that’s a female thumping on the bass. Gotta love that. Lyrics are for well-adjusted adults. This is grown folks shit here.

Hu Man – Greentea Peng

Searching for balance; praying for clarity… This song gets to be real and truthful and also mellow and soothing at the same time. This isht be bangin!

Birthday - Disclosure, Kehlani, Syd

Where are the Aaliyah fans at? Tell me you can’t hear her on this track! And that aside, this song is great. Infinitely singable, and you can’t sing it without a smile.

Chakras – Qveen Herby

Now this one here… I am very impressed with the stuff Qveen Herby is putting out. I would crack up watching my teen daughter sing this one. Funky, fun, and for real.

Cold Summer – Fabolous

Who forgot Fab had bars? It is nice to catch up with the artist and see how much his work has developed substance. I like this one.

The Letter – Chevel Shepherd

I didn’t know this was the season 15 winner of The Voice when I first heard this song. They definitely got this one right. A beautiful voice coupled with beautiful storytelling makes this one a winner.

Radio Flirt Shows


“With Deeper, I try to delve deeper into artist’s catalogues and deeper into ideas and concepts. It’s less about the artists themselves and more an attempt to paint a picture using songs for brush strokes. If you tune in at any time throughout the show, it will sound like a great station. But if you listen to the entire show, it goes a little bit deeper…”

The 100

One hundred songs. All jams. No repeats. Enjoy!


Black women are so fantastic

We don’t tell them
enough and that’s tragic

So I take about an hour
and task it

A celebration of
Black Girl Magic

Top 10

Top ten songs to feed your inner angel.




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Keeping it real

It is important to understand that we can thrive without even our most popular recording artists. Their music, however, cannot thrive without us. Don’t you think it’s time we expect more?

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