Oh my, the scandals we have had lately! From Spacey to Weinstein and from Epstein to R. Kelly, it seems every week there is something new we find out about someone in Hollywood and the music industry. When a person wakes up and starts to see through the illusions we have been fed over time it can be disheartening. I mean, so many things once believed true have proven to not only be false but destructive as well. Which of our favorite recording artists doesn’t have a damned skeleton in their closet? Among our heroes, who will remain untouched as secrets come to light?

Let me back up a bit. I’ll start by saying I was/am a HUGE Prince fan. Huge. I mean, that was my guy! I had all of his records, all of the bootlegs; posters and memorabilia; I have seen him live many, many times. I have forged friendships with people based on our love of his music alone! But somewhere along the way, as his fans know, he woke up and his music changed. He no longer wanted to play his sexually explicit material, and he had become Jehovah’s Witness even! At the time, I certainly didn’t get it.
Later, I became a single dad. And when it was just me and my son in the car, there was a good deal of Prince’s music I found myself unwilling to play. Michael Jackson, on the other hand (my son’s favorite, by the way), could be played front to back, start to finish, and we could both really jam out to it.

Back to present day and of course, eventually I woke up too. I get it now. When I look back on Prince’s seminal masterpiece, Purple Rain, now I understand all of the blatant one-eyed symbolism and I see how I was being led down the wrong path. (I tried desperately to get my nappy headed fro to do that… to cover one eye. I thought it was so cool!)
Okay now I am awake. Hopefully you are too. But what am I gonna do, huh? “When Doves Cry” is my jam!

The way I see it is like this: We have got to separate the art from the artist. If we can’t then there may not be much left to listen to. Chris brown had issues with domestic abuse. Woody Allen married his (adopted) daughter. Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13 year old cousin. And still, much of the art they created could be considered classic.

Some of these artists created songs that have become the soundtracks to our lives. We can’t just throw it all away. But what we can do is review the art that they have created, take what we like and we leave the rest. (Yes, I know sometimes we like what isn’t good for us. I think of those songs like liquor and spirits… I am not a big drinker but on occasion, when I have no other responsibilities, I indulge. But I don’t drink every damned day!)

There will be no artist worship going on here. Artists are not gods. They are employees. They work for us. Think of it like this: when we go to a restaurant we look at the menu and pick only what we want (we leave the rest). We give them special instructions that specifically suit our particular tastes, and if it isn’t right we will send it back. That’s how we should be with regards to our music. Artists were and are simply conduits of energy. The whole idea behind this station is to play songs with good energy.

And I LOVE to know what I don’t know, so I need you to sign up and suggest away! Signing up isn’t about me making money. It is about you investing in the idea that we can change our circumstances and our lives by changing what we input. If we wish to stop black men killing each other, maybe we should stop fucking singing about it all the time. If we want marriage and families then maybe we should listen to something that supports that notion. Maybe our children should too.

What songs have brought you truth, given you courage, or touched the angel inside of you? We are embarking on a fantastic voyage together. If we do this right, we can change the world.


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