This radio station is the grandest outward manifestation of an awakening process I have been undergoing for more than 20 years. 

I say awakening process because it continues to this day. There is always more to learn.  If you’re reading this, I am thankful and humbled to be a part of your journey and that our paths have crossed at such an exciting time.

My personal awakening started about 20 years ago with this crazy documentary called “Zeitgeist.”  (You can still find it on YouTube; I will leave a link.  And if I ever drop a title it is worth your time to check out if you’re ready to learn.  Items pass a serious stress test before I suggest.  I won’t waste your time.) The first section of the movie is about religion and it blew my mind.  It wasn’t because I believed anything they said, though.  It was because the movie presented important information and I had never heard it before, any of it.  And I grew up in a religious home… did my parents know this?  The film goes on to describe alternative theories to the events of 9/11 and then how the federal reserve really works.  Suffice it to say that it blew my head clean off.  (I am telling you, if you’re new to this, start there!)

I was coming to understand that things in this world were not as they seemed, and I was definitely not prepared for it.  At the time I was a single dad raising my son.  I always tried to lead by example so I was pursuing a degree; my son and I were both going to school at the same time (I can still remember the “education is important” programming droning in the back of my head) and having recently sharpened my skills as a researcher, I dove deep into rabbit holes.  All 17 of them (wink).  When I could finally see clearly the world I was not only unwittingly leaving to my boys, but also the fact that I had been complicit in their acceptance of a false reality… it hit me hard.  I became depressed.  I didn’t work.  I didn’t eat.  My personal relationships failed.  And I was asking myself questions like, “How can I pay taxes now that I understand what I am funding?” and “How can I work for a company that I know doesn’t care about people’s safety?” and “What am I actually doing with my time; my life?”

I saw a therapist for a while.  It helped a little.  I was prescribed a popular anti-depressant but being a pot smoker, I could tell right away that it wasn’t for me.  Ooogely woogely: that’s all I can say about that.  It’s no wonder those drugs are heavily associated with perpetrators of mass shootings, but that’s a rabbit hole for another time.  And I hadn’t yet gone down the rabbit hole of understanding the education system and that this doctor could only regurgitate what she had been taught… So I floundered for years.  My dad asked me why a grown man wasn’t able to take care of himself.  My sister kicked me out for talking about flat earth. (On a side note, one should be able to entertain a possibility, explore it even, and still not prescribe to it, without ridiculing its proponents.  Though I don’t subscribe, Flat Earthers get a bad rap and I learned a lot going down that rabbit hole—not the least of which was how uneducated the educated believed themselves to be.) And my son had to go stay with his mom.  Bottom line, I was a mess!  It was becoming harder to tell what was even real.  All this information began to overload… was I crazy?

But then something else happened.  A random thought, really…

I began to realize that if folks made a whole movie like Zeitgeist then lots of people had to know what I knew, right?  There had to be others… I couldn’t be the only person to have heard David Icke or Jim Marrs or Jordan Maxwell (again, I don’t drop names for my health, I do it for yours.  Do yourself a favor and check these guys out.)  The thing that brought me out of my darkest time was the realization that there had to be good guys out there.  So much evil and corruption had to mean (this being a duality matrix) there were good guys somewhere.  And some of them were knuckling up and taking on heavyweights—and winning.  So I started looking for them.  Where do I sign?  There was no way I was going to leave my kids a mess like this.  I certainly would not do so willingly.

Rather than look at the evils of the world and throw my hands up in despair, I decided to focus on how things should be.  I needed to be a part of the solution.  But this is important: one cannot simply ignore evil.  If it’s true that what we focus on and give energy to we create, then I wanted to help create a better world for my children.  But it has to be a choice, and we can only make an educated choice when we see it all, the good and the bad.  (And that voice about education now reminds me that we have to educate ourselves—that’s not what government run schools are for.)

So… after I went all Samuel Jackson from Pulp Fiction for a few years living hand to mouth and walking the earth… (Allowing the old skin to shed so a new one can emerge is often a very uncomfortable process.) I decided to test out what I had been learning.  I would never again harm another person in any way to earn money.  I would use what the Creator gave me to be a good person.  For a living.  (What you know about stepping out on faith?)  There was no place to apply for a job like that.  If I wanted to show my boys what’s what, I had to do it myself first.  Be the change you want to see.  I had to set the example.

I have been a music scholar all my life.  Raised in Southern California, I used to LOVE to listen to Casey Casem’s America’s Top 40, every week.  I remember 64 KFI and the Mighty 690 on am radio.  And 1580 KDAY allowed me to hear rap music for the first time.  I saw the birth of Hip-Hop watched as it took over the world. I’ve seen hair bands replaced by grunge bands replaced by hair bands with haircuts.  I have been listening as country music incorporated more rock and hip-hop influences.  Eventually, I even went on to become a songwriter myself for a while.  And the one thing that remains true through all of it is this: it’s all about the programming. 

I made this station as a gift to anyone who loves music.  It’s free to listen to.  Understand, it’s an effort to counteract the negative programming that we are constantly subjected to.  People in the “truth movement” pay a lot of attention to what we see.  And rightly so!  But we hear a lot when we aren’t really paying attention.  The question I propose is this: instead of what we are being given to listen to, what should we be listening to?

I often compare the music we listen to with the beverages we consume. Some beverages aren’t for children.  There are some beverages we drink in the morning we wouldn’t dream of drinking before sleep.  And only certain beverages will do in the middle of the night when you’re thirsty.  It’s the same with songs.  When we encounter an individual who constantly consumes copious amount of hard alcohol, we certainly recognize the signs of intoxication. That person is usually to be avoided.  Well if all we listen to, if what we celebrate with our music is the depravity in our society, in a constant, repetitious manner, can you imagine the kind of effect that is having on us?

Programming. It’s always been about the programming.

What are we listening to?  Anything about what it takes to be successful?  Reaching a higher consciousness? Unity?  And what’s with this genre thing… I know I personally like all types of music. Why they got me all separated out like classification or designation or something?  What if my child has an ear for jazz and all I play is rock?  Isn’t it nice to switch up the flow?  Do the lyrics celebrate drugs and violence?  Do they espouse as virtuous the idea of never to wanting to leave the block you were born on?  Do they glorify materialism and promiscuity?  Could some songs even make one think that depression was somehow cool?  Programming.

In many ways, popular recording artists have become idols that lead us to entertain our most base instincts and predilections.  That’s on purpose too.  But seriously, I don’t need help thinking about sex.  How many men do?  I don’t need to be reminded not to trust my brothers and sisters.  That won’t help our people.  And I don’t need to be reminded of the back road I have seen a thousand times when people are talking about a Space Force.

I do need to be reminded to think about the Creator sometimes, with all the crap going on in the world.  Sometimes I forget to be grateful, or to love without abandon.  Remind me to do that, please.  Remind me that with rights come responsibilities.  And above all, always tell me the truth.  If musicians/music can’t do that and make us dance too, they probably aren’t very good anyway.  Artists have sold us out.  I have watched it happen.  Now I understand why.  They have to.  That’s literally their job.  But if lockdown has shown us one thing it’s that some of these artists ain’t shit.  And by the way, they work for us.  Just sayin.

If one can simply flip a switch and cater to one’s base instincts, one should be able to flip it in the other direction and feed one’s positivity.  That’s what this station is all about.

And believe it or not, sometimes even questionable artists let something that feeds the spirit slip through the cracks.  The top of the pyramid knows how to pick talent.  And this ain’t PreachRadio either.  But let’s be picky about what we drink though, right?  Too much soda causes disease.  Who wants to be Drinky McDrunkerson and stay intoxicated all day?  And I dare you to drink 3 full glasses of whole milk in a row.  But that leaves so much left to taste!  The mouth watering brightness brought forth sipping Funkadelic herbal tea; refreshing spring water from Mozart Mountain; the sweet honeysuckle nectar that can only come from the backwoods of Tennessee in the fall; that tropical sweet Jamaican spice blend; even a shot of rock and roll espresso.

This station is how I groove.  And it’s my invitation for you to groove with me.  No Genres.  No negativity—not even if there are ads.  I’m celebrating the best we can do, not what sells the most records (like that shit ain’t fake anyway… we woke round these here parts!) I love music as much as anyone I have ever met.  I’m just making it so music loves in return.

If I am lucky, together we will build a community of likeminded, truth oriented individuals to change the world for the better. And this community will know how to effing party.

Let’s groove.


Zeitgeist Movie

Jim Marrs    

Jordan Maxwell

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